I'm a former computer programmer, who thought she didn't have a creative bone in her body. After a few broken necklaces, I searched out a way to fix them. Off to the craft store I went. I fixed the necklaces, and wondered if I could make some jewelry piece that would be "just right" for some of my outfits. Then I began to have fun.

After making lots of items for myself, all my female relatives and friends, I was still enjoying myself. I sold some of my items at charity events, but there still seemed to be more that I wanted to create. So, my Etsy shop was born.

I am always drawn to the natural beauty of gemstone beads and pendants, so you will see a lot of them in my shop. However, I enjoy experimenting with various materials, so don't be surprised at seeing many different materials. At this time, I do not use any precious metals in my jewelry. All of the items are plated, or base metals.

REM Jewelry Creations

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From Hobby to Business
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