Early Morning in Conyers

Ruth and I have a tradition on Saturday mornings. We get up early and head to a local diner for breakfast. After we are finished, she heads to a friends house for prayer time and I typically head back to the house to do a few chores or just goof off.  Today, I had a different scenario in mind. I was going to go to Conyers and shoot a covered bridge that is there.  As the sun was just starting to rise, I was hoping for good color on the bridge and to have some fall colors in the scene. Unfortunately, the bridge is in the wrong orientation to get any color from the sun as it points North and South and the leaf color really hasn’t been that great this year.   So, no real joy on shooting the bridge. The photo below is from a couple of years ago when I was able to shoot just prior to a thunderstorm coming in.

Rockdale Bridge


Well, since my primary reason to be there had gone away, it was time to be flexible and find something else to shoot. As there is a really nice lake in the area, I thought why not shoot the sunrise over the lake?


It’s an okay shot, but nothing spectacular. This was shot from the bridge looking back over the lake that the bridge crosses.  Oh well, another idea shot down by the weather and the situation. But as I have said before, you have to be flexible when shooting landscapes.  So what next? Well, there is a little path that runs along the lake, lets go see what there is down there? 


Now this is starting to be something.. I like the view, the clouds and the little bit of color, but there is still something missing. This was shot at F22 and 1/5 of a second. But it is still not quite right.  What can I do?  Hmmm… (insert several minutes of thinking here). I know!  I have a set of neutral density filters in the truck that will allow me to slow the shutter speed way down!  Let’s hike back up and get those. Now the hard decision, do I leave the camera on the tripod and hope that no one walks away with it or do I take it with me?  (I’ll leave you to guess which one I did.  But as I am generally lazy…. Smile)

This all leads us to this photo;

Near the covered bridge in Conyers Georgia. A 25 second exposure on a cold November morning.

This is basically the same scene from above but the settings this time are f14 and a shutter speed of 15 seconds. This softened the water out and also gave a kind of movement to the sky. (also, if you look at the pine trees on the right, you will see some movement because of the wind).


I really like this photo, but it doesn’t really describe the conditions of the cold wind off the lake, the freezing hands and the shivering body while trying to keep everything steady.  I do wish there had been more fall color, but again, in landscape photography, you get what you get and you have to work with it.  It would have been very easy to see that the bridge was not going to be what I wanted and just gone home.  But instead, by working the scene, I got something I am proud of.



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