The Prodigal Lens Returns

As you’ve read in my previous post, I had to send my 24-105 lens to Canon to be serviced. Yesterday, my long lost lens returned back to me after a short stay at the mother ship to be repaired. So what to do????  Of course! Head out to take photos and see how the lens performed.  The repairs I had done were to replace the aperture ring and to tighten the zoom ring so both of those were on my list to test.

Heading off to Briscoe Park, my goal was to catch the sunset. Taking the camera bag and the tripod out, I picked the perfect spot and set up the tripod (as me sometime about what an anchor a tripod can be).  Once staked out, I took the camera off for a quick stroll to take a couple of close up shots of the changing leaves.



There appears to be a little softness here, but I expect that I need to recalibrate the lens, so I am not too disappointed. Focusing was fast and appears to be spot on. As I worked through the various apertures, the camera just happily kept taking pictures.  I was getting real excited as this was happening until I heard a squeal and a crash from behind me.  Two youngsters were rough housing around and took out my tripod.  It had crashed to the ground and caused the ball head to separate into multiple pieces!  Their mother was horrified that this had occurred (as was I!) and offered multiple times to pay for the replacement piece.  I let her know that I considered this my fault for leaving the tripod unattended and set up while I was wandering around.  Fortunately, I was able to cobble together the pieces into a somewhat working head.  It is going to have to be replaced, but at least I was able to use it for the rest of the evening for my testing.  As the sun set, it was obvious that I was not going to be able to capture a sunset that was worth the digital pixels it would burn to take it.


While the colors are ok, they are just not what you want to show anyone.  At least the tripod was mostly stable (as long as I wasn’t touching it… Smile)


The next stop was heading to the Snellville town green to capture a few night time shots. The next two shots are very similar and I am not really sure which one I like more.

City Hall and the veterans memorial

Closer view of the previous scene. I can't decide which one I like more.

That is Snellville City hall in the background and the veterans memorial in the foreground.  The next shot is a close up of the veterans memorial.


The Snellville veterans memorial

To get this shot, I had to cross Henry Clower Blvd and shoot across the road. I was very fortunate in that drivers seeing I was taking this photo were stopping short to keep out of  my frame.  Once the light turned green, all bets were off.. Smile  I was pleased to see that not all folks care only about getting where they are going. I also had a couple of great conversations with the drives as they were asking what I was doing.  One funny story is that while I was taking the next photo, I had a guy in a pickup honk at me and ask me to please not blow up city hall… (I was wearing dark clothes and had a back pack on. Sad, but funny… )  The next photo is a close up of our city hall.


Snellville City hall

The last photo is of the First Baptist Church in Snellville. This thing is lit up at night and provides a beacon in the central part of our town.  I have always looked for a  shot on this building that was attractive and different from what everyone else has taken.  As I was leaving from taking the above photos, I found a perfect spot. Unfortunately, it is in a very dark location.  What to do, what to do??!!  I know, Light Painting!  So, grabbing my trusty flashlight, I placed the camera on the broken tripod (and prayed) and started painting in the foreground parts of the picture. While not a great photo (yet), it shows me where I need to be for my next attempt. I will need to have a different (stronger) flashlight that I can change the color of light prior to trying this again.  I am looking forward to it!

FIrst Baptist Church, Snellville. A little light painting.


What I want to do differently next time is use a darker light (maybe green or gold) on the tree trunk, Brighter lights on the leaves (also maybe green?) and then more completely light the fence line that you can’t see.  If I can do this and also light the graveyard in amber light, I think I will have something special…   Ah, something to try in the future…

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