The Sound of “OH, &$%^&"!

As you may recall from this blog, I love to take photographs. I have thousands of them on various digital media around my study. I have hard drives sitting everywhere with images piling up on them waiting to be archived. So, I guess I should not be as surprised by this as I was. About two weeks ago I heard a great crash in my study. Looking over the corner of my desk, I realized that my portable 1TB hard drive had just dropped to the floor. Dang it, that is the one that has all of my recent images on it, including one of my all time favorite sunset photos.

Trying to reconnect the drive, I heard the worst thing imaginable, nothing. The drive wont spin up and it is not recognized by the machine at all. Dang, darn and other epitaphs…

Recalling a deal from the NAPP, I contacted a firm specializing in data recovery from crashed drives. Imagine my astonishment when I was quoted $800-$3000 to recover the data.

Despondent, I decided not to recover the drive and just lose the images to fate.

Fast forward 1 week…. I receive a message from an online retailer that I use to do prints reminding me that if I do not place an order from them, my images in my online album will be deleted. Quivering with excitement, I click on the link and BEHOLD!!!! The image I do not want to lose has been uploaded to their site!  With great rejoicing I click on the button to order a backup DVD!!!  YES, JOY, WOOHOO!  The image has been resurrected from cyberspace….

So, I present it below for you to jealously peek at!

18_Desert Skies 1 as Smart Object-1

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