Hunting the Wild Sunset

sunset 0918

Sunset 0918-1As anyone who reads this blog knows, I am a big fan of taking photographs of sunrises and sunsets around the area where I live. There is just something about the expectation of waiting to see what the sky is going to do. Sometimes you can wait for days or weeks and not get any sort of drama in the sky.

Last night was just such a case. I carried my camera along as I was playing disc golf to have a chance to shoot the skies at the end of the round. The sky was promising with the wispiness of some clouds and the puffiness of others promising a sky on fire at the end of the day. Unfortunately, there was a low haze on the horizon that kept the color from exploding across the heavens.

While others might have been disappointed, I was not. You see, I think of taking this photographs as almost a spiritual thing. The joy is not in the clicking of the shutter, the joy is in the expectation of what might be. I also take the time while waiting to just ponder all that is around me and to have a chance just to sit back, be quiet, listen and enjoy.

I wonder if I approached my Christianity the same way if I would be changed? The joyous expectation of his return is not tempered by the disappointment of not today. For there is a certainty that the waiting will be fulfilled and that someday the sky will be filled with the exploding colors of His return!

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