Calling Out Your Name

“And the single hawk bursts into flight

And in the east the whole horizon is in flames

I feel thunder in the sky

I see the sky about to rain

And I hear the prairies calling out Your name “

Rich Mullins – Calling out Your Name


A good morning 1

Do you ever have a moment in time when a song jumps in your heart and wont let go? That happened to me this morning. As I stepped out of my front door this morning to make a run for my morning fix I noticed the sky in the east.  The glorious oranges and the golden light that was covering all of the ground just made me stop and take notice.  The second thing it did is make me do an immediate u-turn to go and grab my camera..

On the drive I kept singing the above song. Rich Mullins was an inspired performer and I still miss him and wonder what he would have produced if he had not been taken so soon.

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