The unsinkable house at Brookhill Way

It was a dark night and the full moon shone brightly on the residents of the ill-fated house. Far below them a cauldron boiled and the red Georgia clay turned to mush. Gallon upon gallons of water were gathering together to unleash it’s fury without warning. Yet the residents slept peacefully on.

As morning gathered in the east, the sleepy occupants arose in their abode. Stretching taught muscles, showers were taken. Clothes were placed in the washing machine and then suddenly a scream was heard in the quiet….. “WHERE IS ALL OF THIS WATER COMING FROM???”

It seems as if the peace was broken as the residents realized they were no longer in a house, but in a leaky house boat!

Ok, enough of the story telling. What happened is that our cold water line feeding the downstairs broke. Normally this is not a big deal. However in our case the line was below the concrete slab that the house sits upon. Yes, we had evidence that we had a leak somewhere through our water bills that were significantly higher than the same time last year.  I thought that this was caused by the new shower heads I had installed. It wasn’t until we had water bubble up from around the downstairs commode that we realized the problem was much larger.

Fortunately, Mr. Plumber came to the rescue and dug up the area of the leak and fixed it. I won’t bore you with the details other than to say that how the detected where the leak was was fun to watch. (Imagine an older guy with headphones on and a long tube that he stuck onto the slab.)

Fortunately, all is well that ends well (even if it is $2,000 later to have it fixed)


Leak 1Leak 2

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