I Love late Summer Skies

One of the great curses of being a photographer is nothing escapes your notice. Here I was last evening enjoying a round of disc golf with Paul and Gerrit and just having a grand-ole time.  As we were playing, I was noticing the play of the late evening light on the landscape around us, the deer in the distance at the tree line, the lone red tailed hawk flying overhead and even the Canada geese flying towards the pond (BTW, none of this did my golf game any good!).

As we completed our round, the skies lit up with their late evening color and I started to wince internally…… Because here I was without a camera. Well dang and other epitaphs..

Then comes the memory!  I always have a camera with me. It might not be the one I want, but it is a camera none the less.  Grabbing my trusty iPhone I was able to snap off a couple of shots…

Summer Skies 3

I love the cloud play in this one…  In fact, it made me sit in the parking lot for a while to see what else the sky was going to do.

Summer Skies 2Summer Skies 1

These two photos are from basically the same spot in the parking lot and show what as little as 10 minutes can do to the sky.  At this point the sun had dropped below the horizon and the great pinks and blues replaces the yellows and oranges… You can even see the moon peeking through on the right hand photo.

Life is good when you see what is going on around you. I feel blessed every day with the gift I have been given to share what God has created with those around me.

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