Random thoughts of a disturbed mind.

Dear diary, it has been more than a month……

Ummm, that’s night right….  Let’s try….

Father, please forgive me, it has been more than a month…..

Hmm, that’s night right either…

Well dang.   Let’s just say, it has been more than a month since I have had a chance to drop a thought or two here. (Where has the time gone?) Lots of things going on in the McKennon household.  A church merger that wasn’t. Trips. Dinners. Weather.  Lots of different things that I could of commented on, but no! Silence.  So now, dear reader, you get to pay the price.

First random thought.

Last week I decided it was time to get my semi-annual shearing. My hair was getting a little long and the beard and mustache were interfering with eating. So Ruth and I headed to the local great-clips to get the assigned task done.  So, as I sit in the chair, the stylist asks how I want it cut.  I state, “Military style, off the ears and the back of the neck and taper it please.”  So, as I am sitting there chatting with her and hearing the snip-snip of the scissors, I notice that most of the hair falling on the nice black cover I am wearing are more white than brown… Well, just dang.  I guess this is not unexpected as my 50th is rapidly approaching..

Now for the sad part. At the end of the hair cut, the stylists states. “Let me get these stray hairs for you!” and she proceeds to trim my eyebrows (EYEBROWS!), ear hairs and nose hairs. And to make matters worse, it takes her longer to do these than it does to cut my hair!

I guess that solidifies the deal, I am official getting to be an old man!  Jeez, when did this happen.  All that white hair and then the eyebrows standing up and enough hair in my ears to braid… WOW, who knew??!!


A night time visitor

FrogLast evening as Ruth and I returned from dinner with friends, I noticed that we had a visitor at our front door. This little guy was sitting there next to the porch light enjoying the buffet that we were offering..  Isn’t he cute?

He (I assume it is a he until proven otherwise!) is only about an inch long and was very interested in getting away from my camera.  As I shot him with the flash, he pulled all of his legs in under his body and tried to make himself as small as possible.  Upon seeing that, I let him alone to finish his feast.



More of Ruth’s wonderful jewelry and a lesson learned

I have mentioned many times that Ruth has taken up jewelry and I have taken on the task of documenting her pieces. As I was unhappy with the shots I was taking (and trying to learn it on my own) I decided to watch a few videos on Kelby Training to see how the pros did it.. Let me show you what I learned…


Necklace bronzeNecklace Paper

These are both the same necklace.  See any difference?  The one on the left looks very shiny, but the eye does not really look at the necklace because of the bright spot in the middle. Although an interesting photo, it does not do the necklace any favors. (Lighting on this one was a spot light under a piece of bronze Plexiglas with a flash overhead to light the rocks.)

The one on the right is a very different lighting pattern and better shows the necklace for what it is. The background on this one is a piece of 12×12 paper used for scrapbooking and the lights are behind and to the side.  It really adds to the photo.


Necklace no front flashNecklace front flash

These two photos are of the same necklace… I much prefer the one on the right as the pendant is much more pronounced and the necklace as a whole looks more pleasing.  Same light pattern and the necklace above with one small chance.  I used a handheld flash behind a diffuser to the front of this one. So it is lit with three lights.  Amazing what can be accomplished when you think it through!


As you can see, I am still experimenting as a photographer. I am not there yet, but I continue to get closer!

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