When Mike is Ruth-less

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I have been teased over the last few days about being Ruth-less. Unfortunately, it was true. My lovely bride had travelled down to visit with her parents for a couple of weeks leaving me home all alone. It is amazing the traps that you fall into when you’re married this long. As I would watch a TV program or read something of interest I would call out and find that she was not there.

It is also quite bewildering that a few days of a business trip or a weekend away does not seem to have the same effect as an extended absence. It seems as if every day got longer and longer. Any one that does not believe relative-time time has not paid attention.

I am very glad she is back safe and that we have a weekend to spend together before the start of another hectic week…

(for those interested, the photo above is one of my very favorites of my wife. She was not aware that I had the camera out and was doing her quite time studying the bible as I snapped the shutter. This image says everything you need to know about her, from the bible in her lap to the coffee at her hand…)

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