Of sunsets and police officers

Sometimes in life, things happen that just make you smile! Last evening was just such a time. You see, my wife has been in Florida for a little over two weeks spending time with her parents and doing the daughter thing. This has left Mike alone in the house with way too much time on his hands.

Yesterday, Ruth called and said she was coming home today (WooHoo!), so to celebrate this last evening alone, I decided to head out with the camera again.

I have photographed sunsets all over this area, but there is one park that I had not used before. So grabbing my iPad and looking at “the Photographers Ephemeris”, I found the place in the park that offered the best chance for a sunset photo. Unfortunately, this did not show the tree line was going to block most of the event and that my ideas of catching the sun in the water just was not going to happen!  Oh well, But the images I did get, more than made up for it!

Lenora Park Sunset

I will say that I received a number of very odd looks from folks as they went about their play time in the park. I suspect they were wondering what the large guy with the camera on the tripod was doing and was he taking pictures of them!

Finally, one of the young mothers approached me and asked what I was doing. I had a great time showing her the back of the camera and the photos that were there.  She had concerns that I was taking photos of her kids.  Oh the days we live in.

Once the sun settled and the darkness started to arrive, I headed over to our towns center to take photos of a few buildings that are lit at night.

The first on my agenda, was the new town hall..

Snellville Courthouse

One of the great things about long shutter times is the ability to capture fun things. In this one there are two items of interest… The red streaks are cars that drove by during the 30 seconds the shutter was open. And the second is the blue sky.  Remember, it was DARK when I shot this!

30 minutes or so later, I had taken all the photos one can take of this building and I wandered into the parking lot to go home. Off in the distance I saw the steeple of the First Baptist Church in Snellville lighting up the sky. Well, I thought to myself, I’m here, let’s give it a try.

Baptist Church

And here is where the fun started. I guess that people driving down the street seeing a large bearded man in the parking lot of the local courthouse, wearing a black back pack and carrying a very odd-looking piece of equipment (my tripod) caused someone to call the local police department.

As I set up near the local cemetery for this shot and leaned over the lens the entire night lit up with blue flashing lights and a very bright spot light on yours truly.

The officer was friendly enough and just wanted to know what I was doing. So for the second time this night, I got to share the photos on the back of my camera. When I offered to take his portrait with the church in the back ground, he demurred rather quickly and likewise, when I asked him to use his light on the cemetery he also declined. Oh well, it never hurts to ask!

All of this proves is that I cannot be left alone two weeks without getting into trouble.

Oh, wait a minute, did I just mention that Ruth will be home in less than three hours???  I had better get the dishes done and the house clean before she gets home!

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  1. You and my nephew! Police helicopter hovered over him, 4 officers approach, one with gun drawn, ID checked, patted down and vehicle searched. Let him go-no ticket but they must have been looking for someone with a black packback……………

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