One of my favorite things

India Waterfall

One of my favorite things to photograph is waterfalls. There are so many ways to take a photo and make it your own. From the power of the water rumbling down the drop. Or getting closer and using a longer shutter speed to make the water turn milky.

Ana Ruby Falls 1Amicalola falls

It doesn’t really matter where I am, I will search out the closest falls to take photos. From the first image that I took in India, to the second one that I shot in North Georgia. There is just something about falling water that moves me. Each fall is different. Each photo can capture a very different feeling. I can spend hours just listening to the water and enjoying the spray.

Hemlock Falls

Yep, I just love waterfalls. There is just something about them. They can be mesmerizing and make you forget the world around you (and sometimes, common sense!) Hemlock falls above was one such place where I had an absolute loss of common sense.  I wanted a better photo so I walked onto some rocks in the middle of the stream to get the angle I wanted (above). Just after I pressed the shutter I had a pedial-cranial inversion (I.E. my feet went where my head was supposed to be and vice-versa).  The image was only saved because I was using a film camera and not a digital one. Oh the things I do for my art!


Cane Creek Falls

So, if you are ever looking for me some weekend and I just don’t seem to be around… Listen for the sound of falling water and I will be somewhere close.

5 thoughts on “One of my favorite things

  1. if you love to photograph waterfalls, then you need to go to Iceland in the summer….everywhere you look there is a unique waterfall, from some of the largest and most powerfull in the world to tose that are itsy bitsy 🙂

  2. Jeanette Hart Ransom that is one of my lifes dreams… to go to Iceland.. And for more than just the waterfalls, the entire country is a photographers dream. I would love to go with Barbara Tewksbury who is a geologist and just watch and listen.

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