The power of silence

Well, here it is day 5 of my wife being gone to visit her parents and I am sitting in a quiet house. No TV’s on, no laundry machines running. Not even any sounds of anything moving. The silence stretches into hours with only the occasional sound of the refrigerator or the A/C kicking on to interrupt. It is amazing how much I have gotten used to the ‘noise of the day’. For most of the work day, you can hear me on my phone chatting with people all over the world, or the rapid fire sounds of my keyboard as I furiously respond to or create emails. But in between…………….


Not that this is a bad thing, it is just something I am totally unused to. It has amazed me how much the quite around the house has impacted me and how much it has made me miss my bride. I know that some of you are asking “Well, what about the dogs??”  At their age, they both sleep most of the day now, so no help there.

So, what does one do when left alone? I could turn on the TV or the radio, but that is just masking the problem. I could also distract myself by getting up and moving myself or even (*gasp*) clean the house. But, what about just embracing the silence and just thinking? Can I spend the time pondering my life, relationships, work and the rest? I think this is a healthy thing.

So, for the next few days while Ruth continues to spend time with her parents and taking care of the issues down south, I will spend my time looking at my life and see where I am taking things for granted or where there are places within myself that needs to be addressed. I do not expect this to be an easy or a comfortable process, but one I have not done since I was in India in 2007.

I wonder where this is going to take me this time. Last time I realized I was not spending enough time with those I called my friends… Who knows where it will lead this time?

The tale of the run-a-way dog

hardy1My little buddy (on the left) decided that he was going to go walk-about today. Someone left the gate to our back yard open and this little fellow decided to make a run for it. The sad part is that I did not realize he was gone.

Hardy loves being out doors and it is not uncommon for him to spend an hour or two at a time in the back yard. So, after about 30 minutes or so I went to bring him in, just to find the back gate open.

Several things ran through my mind quicky…. 1) who left the gate open 2) how long has he been gone 3) I hope he has not been hurt 4) how am I going to tell Ruth??!!

Fortunately, after 10 minutes or so, I found him just up the street playing in a stream. And he was one muddy mess,  I am glad he is back and I hope he enjoyed his time off… (he has been back for about 2 hours and has not moved from his bed since… I think he wore himself out!)

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