synergy: [noun] a mutually advantageous conjunction of distinct elements

One of the cool things that has happened since I started to move my photography exploits from landscape shots to the small indoor studio is how it interfaced with one of my wife’s hobbies, beading.

Ruth will spend hours sitting at a small table staring at hundreds of different beads around her and then create jewelry. So, how does my hobby and hers interact? A couple of months ago when I was just starting to understand my studio lights, Ruth approached me about taking some pictures of the necklaces, bracelets and earrings she had made. Instant Panic! I realized that I had a lot yet to learn about setting up the lights, figuring out what light modifiers to use, were gels needed, (and what in the heck is a GOBO anyway??)

However, having such a ready supply of subjects, allowed me to practice, practice, practice!

This is where the synergy comes in. As Ruth continued to grown in her hobby, she stretched me into growing in mine. The more complex her creations become, the more intricate my lighting schemes had to become.  Each of us was driving the other to get better and better at our craft!

Lastly, Ruth is going to kill me for putting this here, If you’re interested in the necklace above (or any of the myriad of others that she has available), please contact us!

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