Early in the morning


Balloon Morning

This photo has always meant a lot to me. I took this photo early one morning at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta a couple of years ago. This fiesta draws hundreds of balloons from around the world and 10s of thousands of spectators that are all wanting to take part in some small way in the festivities. Imagine the sky filled with hundreds of hot air balloons on a cold October morning!

Now, why does this picture speak to me? You see, it reminds me of my daily life.  How is that you ask? Well, the balloon in the background is in the process of being filled to stand erect in the morning sun. It awakens from a bag and is stretched on the ground and is filled with first cold air, and then hot air from the burners. This continues until the balloon is fully vertical and ready for launch.  All that is holding it back from leaping to the sky is a few volunteers on guide ropes and the pilots hand on the burners.

Once released and the gas applied, it literally jumps to meet the day! Soaring as the wind takes it with no destination in mind. Floating along in the breeze with a skilled hand of the pilot guiding it to the destination he has in mind. Once he decides to land, skillful hands can ensure a safe landing.

You see, I think this is how I should live my life. With eager anticipation of the days flight and trusting in the pilot to guide where I go and where I land. But enjoying the sunrise and the flights of the day. I should not be too worried about bad landings or strong winds, that is not my job. It is also not my job to stay cocooned in the bag and not living how I am supposed to.  I was born to fly and I should embrace each day with that in mind (even on Monday morning! )

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